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Servicing the Alde Heating System

involves very little but good antifreeze is a must.

Please ask us for a fluid change?

 Our antifreeze is safe for 5 years!

We only supply the very best quality spec 13.

Environmentally friendly!!!

  3010 Compact high   We supply top grade antifreeze and from a person that’s attended the Arctic Rally at least 5 times at -51°. I know how important it is to have decent kit.

With the Alde Heating System we recommend changing antifreeze every 5 years but only after we have serviced it!


We can service any Adle heating system & carry most parts in our vehicles.

Alde Heating system   The Alde Heating System 3010 Compact high efficiency combi boiler is ideal for central heating systems in boats, motor homes, caravans and portable cabins. It provides 8.7 kW of heat through up to 14 m of aluminium convector with 93% efficiency. The boiler gives you central heating that is:

  • Clean.
  • Efficient.
  • Silent.
  • Reliable.
  • Versatile.

powered by LPG and/or 230 V electricity. With its two-stage burner, the boiler only uses as much energy as needed to heat the living space, eliminating waste.

All Alde heating system connections are on one side.

Allowing the unit to be installed in the smallest of spaces, and the flexible flue means you can position the boiler and terminal where you want. The control panel cable has moulded quick connectors making the job of installing the boiler easier and safer but once it’s in the boiler has no service requirement. For motor vehicles, why not invest in the additional engine heat exchanger, so you can transfer engine heat into your central heating system while on the move and making use of all that free energy!   Alde heating Construction Chart All boilers are pre-fitted with flow assembly (automatic air bleed valve and non-return valve), red and blue water connectors, 12 V power and pump leads. The Alde heating system 3010 Compact HE combi boiler is also available with a 12 V in-line circulation pump, for improved all-round performance and the optional installation kit containing:

  • Control panel and cable (8.5 m).
  • Side or roof flue terminal.
  • Exhaust and air intake hoses and clips.
  • Expansion tank and cover.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Safety drain valve.
  • Red and blue water pipe.
  • Rubber elbow.
  • 12–15 mm Speed fit connector.
Any problems with your it, please contact us.  We are here to help.