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Bodywork Repairs – Video and Pictures


Repairs & pic's step by step.




Bob palmer's 2008 Avondale was repaired by an idiot.

They ripped him off £5k and did a disgusting job using Polyfiller and plastic Coke bottles and not even fitted a new front that he'd claimed to do.

The floor had broken and sides pulled apart requiring a full front rebuild.




Pics to follow. We are rebuilding the website



Bp1/ Shows the silicone & polyfiller that had been used. Plus the B&Q plastic corner fittings hoping to keep the front together.

Bp2/ Shows the bulkhead srtipped down ready for it's new wall board. (Old one had been black undersealed).

Bp3/ Signes of the parcel shelf to be replaced because it had so much silicone.

Bp4/ Polyfiller still wet from a 2 year old repair, plus a piece of teak wood they though would hide the mess.

Bp5/ 3 blocks of wood placed on top of battery box to hold the seating area in place. (Lovely)

Bp6/ What can we do with this mess?

Bp7/ Showing sides now pulled together with screws & not chewing gum.

Bp8/ Tony just trimming off the wall board

Bp9/ Brand new GRP front fitted.

Bp10/ Front finally fitted and all floor & sides really tied together correctly.

Bp11/ Now we are trying to tidy the rest of the mess up. This stuff takes ages.

Bp12/ Front centre window was also repaired (Delaminated). All really putting this van back in the correct condition

This repair made Bob one happy man. he'd just lost his wife with cancer when this arse did the first repair.

Missions Impossible repaired the mess for £3800 inc a brand new front panel. Thank god the insurance company understood (Co-Op)


Next… A 2006 Damp Avondale repaired by

Missions & John Mackay of Caravancare of Warrington.




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