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The brand new Truma manoeuvring systems: eXTremely superior

Truma Mover® XT and XT2

Truma is establishing a fresh technology of manoeuvring systems that will arranged new expectations with regards to excess weight, manoeuvring perfection and also the functioning notion: The Mover® XT regarding solitary axle and also the Mover® XT2 regarding two-axle caravans.

Up to 20 kg inside excess weight ended up saving.

The brand new Truma Mover® obviously stands out because of their excess weight: The incredibly successful high-tech magnetic motors let excess weight financial savings of up to 20 kg. “We are the initial maker to use brushless DC magnetic motors in your Movers®. Therefore you can appreciably improve the efficiency in addition to desire a reduced battery capability of 37 Ah”, describes item administrator Philipp Wegmann. “In by doing this, we have the ability to preserve for you to 20 kg inside excess weight since the brand-new Mover® XT is 5 kg light compared to their precursor, the particular SONY ERICSSON Ur, and may at this point become managed using a much smaller sized battery”. Which means the client at this point offers far more space inside the automobile in addition to much better options with regards to packing.

Additional generating pleasure in addition to manoeuvring perfection than previously.

The brand new Mover® XT furthermore stands out with regards to generating pleasure in addition to manoeuvring perfection. The Truma Vibrant Proceed Technology® makes it possible for incredibly accurate directional stableness even though the soil is sloping or maybe should the stabiliser wheel is askew.

In this article once more, we have a lot of high-tech driving this particular: “The a couple Mover® magnetic motors command on their own in addition to continuously compare the exact and also the FOCUS ON RPM making it possible for the particular caravan to advance directly forward such as with train track in addition to effortlessly get over almost any road blocks with out drifting one aspect, ” states that Wegmann. One more gain: The brand new Mover® XT could be steplessly steered in addition to multiplied. “This implies the person can certainly manoeuvre extremely effortlessly in addition to precisely inside a soft, jolt-free fashion. “ Additional generating pleasure than previously – guaranteed!

Innovative operating concept.

The remote device of the Truma Mover® XT is usually new. “We have now segregated the particular steering in addition to augmenting capabilities. Any command knob can be used regarding steering and also a slip command can be used to overpower the particular pace, ” states that Wegmann.

The modern functioning notion assures maximum manoeuvring perfection: It is possible to drive adjustable necessities radii and command the particular pace incredibly precisely. “These advantages are particularly obvious as soon as manoeuvring inside small rooms when joining the particular caravan on the towing automobile. “Another gain: The brand new remote device can be used intuitively given it is aimed pretty much on the route of mobility of the caravan nasal. Another realistic characteristic could be the brand-new DIRECTED screen: The item exhibits the particular reputation in addition to error communications, as an example, should the battery voltage is far too low.

Safe practices by way of high quality “Made inside Germany”.

The Truma high quality “Made inside Germany” ensures that the newest manoeuvring systems – such as all the other Movers® – are 100% secure in addition to reliable. Microprocessors for good monitor the particular devices promising overall safe practices, as an example as soon as manoeuvring upwards or maybe from top to bottom. Additionally, the particular Movers® will get rid of instantly in the event the person enables proceed of the remote device – also with ski slopes. “We possess many years of knowledge along with manoeuvring systems in addition to realize exactly what is critical as soon as developing secure, reliable in addition to high-performance products, ” states that Wegmann.

Revenue only via sanctioned Truma traders
The Mover® XT is designed for single-axle caravans with an granted all round excess weight of two, more than two hundred kg using a gradient of 13%, the particular Mover® XT2 regarding two-axle automobiles with a weight of two, 300 kg (10% gradient). The brand new manoeuvring systems are going to be available only via just about all sanctioned Truma traders via June 2013. Not to mention just about all sanctioned Truma traders present you with a five-year guarantee with just about all regions of the newest manoeuvring systems.

Correctly harmonized: The PowerSet light and also the SolarSet 3
The brand new PowerSet light is likewise for sale in retail stores via June 2013 onwards. It’s essentially harmonized on the brand-new Truma Mover®. The arranged consists of the particular 11. 6 kg light OPTIMA battery YT S two. 7 (38 Ah) in addition to a computerized charger, in addition to more components such as a battery cut-off switch, heat sensor in addition to cable connection arranged.

Another realistic Truma equipment could be the SolarSet 3. It turned out exclusively suitable for the particular Mover® PowerSet in addition to uses solar energy in order that the particular Mover® battery is managed in addition to guarded versus heavy discharging.