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Al-Ko ATC Services

ATC supplied and fitted from £580 + Vat

Missions Impossible are unique as fully mobile and authorised to carry out test, reset and braking problems on the ATC breaking systems. One of only 3 other mobile ATC service in the country Most caravans coming up to 5 years old will need a reset at sometime or another. We test the systems & plug in our diagnostic equipment on every service. Thus enabling care free holidays.

Please don’t be fooled by other so called engineers stating ALKO on websites. IT’S NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!

ATC is Alk-ko’s answer to swaying caravans. In order for it to work correctly, you need a swaying caravan. Loading correctly is the route of all evils! If you haven’t load a trailer or caravan you are in big trouble. As an experienced ex HGV race truck driver, the importance of correctly placing loads is paramount. It is very important the load is more over the tow-bar than at the back. If it is loaded to much behind the axle, it then picks the rear end of the towing vehicle up in the air. Loaded to the front enables the rear axle of the towing application firmly on the ground.

So, anti-sway systems have now become the norm and everyone has come to rely on market leaders like the Al-Ko ATC system.

Missions Impossible can arrange a diagnostics reset & service check! (Call us 07811 379412)

The ATC fault system

ATC Inactive? It is possible to continue journey. Call us for advice (07811 379412)

Red flashing ATC has detected Do not continue a fault with ATC (Call us 07811 379412)

Connected but LED not working ATC has no power? (Call us 07811 379412)

LED faulty? (Call us 07811 379412)

Drive forward to detect movement to complete self test and re check LED.

Remove 12S or 13 Pin plug and wait 5 seconds. Reconnect plug.

Green (Constant) Ready for journey

Green (Flashing) Ready for journey

Red (flashing) ATC faulty, and cannot be driven until you call AL-KO or us. (Call us 07811 379412)